Kookaburra 300 Long Cut Wicket Keeping Gloves

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Kookaburra 300 Long Cut Cricket Wicket Keeping Gloves


The Kookaburra wicket keeping gloves collection offer keepers a choice of either traditional 'long cut' gloves, the choice of England's Jos Buttler or the Aussie 'shorti' style gloves.


The Kookaburra 300L wicket keeping gloves features traditional 'long cut' cuff, unique Kookaburra catching cup and monochrome standard rubber.


Sizes: M, Y, B & SB


Profile: LEVEL 1 Grade 5 Quality

Palm: PVC

Lining: Cotton

Padding: Unique Kookaburra Catching Cup

Rubber: Monochrome Standard

Fingers: Premium PVC

Back: Premium PVC

Cuff: Traditional English Long Cut

Web: Strap, law 40.2 compliant – with reinforcement

Thumb: Unique setting to enhance Catching Cup


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